The “cell” group is

the basic Christian Community


What Is a “Cell” or “House” Church?

A “cell” or “house” church is a present-day revival of early church life. The word “cell” is used to help distinguish from forms and formats that developed over the centuries in the ways we “do” church and in the way we conceive of ministry.

The New Testament and Today’s Church
Contrasts that Count
for the Kingdom

The Church of Today Issue New Testament Church
Church Buildings

Ministry Center

Inside Walls

Ministry Emphasis

Outside Walls

Ministry Method

Building A Church

Ministry Focus

Building A Body
Supporting Pastor in Ministry

Ministry Philosophy

Equipping Laity for Ministry
Retaining People

Ministry Outlook

Releasing People
Pastor – Based

Ministry Orientation

People – Based
Top – Down

Ministry Model

Bottom – Up
(Minister “to” you)Making Members

Ministry Measurement

(Minister “with” you)Making Disciples

Ministry Effect

Focus on Knowledge

Ministry Teaching

Focus on Application
Exercised by a few

Ministry Gifts

Exercised by All
Professionals from Outside

Ministry Resources

Developed from within
Formal Seminary

Ministry Training

Serving and Mentoring
Insure Program Effectiveness

Ministry Task

Equipping Saints

Ministry Outreach


Ministry Support System

Heavy on Buildings

Ministry Money

Heavy on Ministry
Weekly Worship – work to support programs inside buildings

Ministry Activities

Frequent fellowship – Invest life and time in people outside buildings
  • Attendance
  • Program Loyalty
  • Belonging to Organization

Ministry Expectations

  • Discipleship
  • Fulfillment in exercise of personal gifts,
  • Belonging to Community
What You Know

Ministry Qualifications

Heart to Serve
Often Superficial

Ministry Relations

Intimate, Accountable, Satisfying and complete
Frustration for Pastors and People

Ministry Satisfaction

Fulfillment for Pastors and People


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Differences that make a difference

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