• Sponsoring VIEWPOINT, a daily one-hour radio talk show “Confronting the Issues of America’s Heart and Home” from God’s eternal perspective; restoring the authority of the Word of God in the mind, heart, and home of Christian believers; moving from information to transformation.
  • Appearing on Christian radio and television programs and talk shows around the country.
  • Publishing and distributing books, booklets and tapes.


  • Rebuilding and declaring the concept of “Covenant Community” as the heart of the American vision.
  • Facilitating and modeling “PASTOR-to-PASTOR” as a means of restoring healthy spiritual leadership while demonstrating “Covenant Community.”
  • Equipping the Church to become a “living VOICE” to the nation; modeling the original covenant vision.
  • Encouraging nationwide commitment by Christians to a Declaration of Interdependence as a national demonstration of Christian unity to reveal true Covenant Community.


See how Save America Ministries acts as a lighthouse in America’s greatest crisis hour.