A Lighthouse

to a nation near shipwreck…
  adrift on tempestuous seas 
    without moral and spiritual anchor.

A Voice to the Church
    A Vision for the Nation
          In America’s greatest crisis hour


The Church is America’s ONLY Hope!


When the light dims
              In the lighthouse,

Shipwreck is inevitable

FACTS to FATHOM concerning America’s “Lighthouse.”
The “light” of truth is flickering and nearly out.

  • 77% of mainline protestants do not believe in absolute truth. While only 71% of the nation at large does not embrace absolute truth.
  • 64% of “born-again” Christians do not believe in absolute truth.
  • 40% of evangelical Christians do not believe in absolute truth.
  • 91% of professing Christian youth do not believe in absolute truth

The result – We have fractured our covenant with God and with each other. When truth is lost, trust is lost. When trust is lost, tyranny waits.

The “covenant community” provides neither covenant nor community.
  • The divorce rate among fundamentalist “Christians” now exceeds the nation as a whole by 4%.
  • The divorce rate among pastors now equals the national rate.
  • 70% of pastors admit they have no friends.
  • 73% of evangelicals claim its getting hard to make friends compared to only 58% of the nation at large. The more “religion,” the less “relationship.” Shocking!
  • 52,000 people per week are leaving the back doors of America’s churches.

When covenant is lost, community is lost. When community is lost, chaos prevails. Jesus warned…”If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness” (Matthews 6:23).