How does God call a nation to repentance?

He sends a

What does “the voice” say?
  •   It reveals the error of personal and corporate ways.
  •   It rebukes for failure to follow God’s ways.
  •   It reproves for failure to do judgment and justice.
  •   It repents corporately while leading the people to repent personally.
  •   It revives the spiritual attentiveness of the people.
  •   It renews the spiritual attentiveness of the people.
  •   It reconciles men to God and to one another.
  •   It rebuilds the waste places.
  •   It repairs the breach.
  •   It restores the ancient paths to dwell in
To whom is “the voice” directed?
  •   It is directed to the Church… “My people.”
  •   It is directed in rebuke to pastors who fail to teach the whole truth, lead by holy example, protect from error, and heal the people.
  •   It is directed to prophets who falsify, twist and lighten the clear Word of God in favor of the profits in money, merchandising, manipulation and men’s adulation.
  •   It is directed first to the spiritual “power brokers”…those in public ministry…then to the civil power brokers of the day, politicians, corporations and businessmen.
Is “the voice” validated by God or men?
  •   God sends and inspires “the voice” because men have gone their own way.
  •   Spiritual leaders, as a whole, are generally last to validate “the voice,” if ever.
  •   The people may, or may not follow or validate “the voice.” Whether they follow or not is irrelevant to its validity.
How is “the voice” identified as being from God?
  •   It is like a trumpet call.
  •   It shakes, disturbs, confronts, reveals motives and discerns thoughts.
  •   It confronts principles, principalities and powers rather than personalities.
  •   It warns while providing hope for willing hearers.
  •   It speaks to the people rather than through political or spiritual power brokers.
  •   It is uncompromising.
  •   It is good news to the poor and the common man but upsetting to the prim and proper.
  •   It exalts the Word of God above all else.
  •   It brings both the Spirit and Truth into harmony for true worshipers.
  •   It exalts Jesus Christ while lessening self.
  •   It builds God’s Kingdom rather than personal kingdoms.
Does God send more than one voice?
  •   God may send more than one messenger, but the messengers sound with one voice.
When does God send “the voice?”
  •   God sends “a voice” in the fullness of time…His time.
  •   God sends “a voice” when men have become tuned to every voice but His.
  •   God sends “a voice” when His own Church has lost its voice.