A Voice to the Church


Charles Crismier
Founder and President,
Save America

    18 years in private civil practice (1975-1994)
    9 years as public school teacher (1967-1975)
    22 years as a pastor (1987-present)
    PRESERVE US A NATION (Out of Print)
    RENEWING THE SOUL OF AMERICA (Rebuilding the Moral Character and Spiritual Vision of America), 2002: Elijah Books
    THE POWER OF HOSPITALITY (An Open Heart, Open Hand and Open Home Will Change Your World), 2005: Elijah Books
    OUT OF EGYPT (Restoring end-time trust for end-time trials), 2006; Elijah Books
    SEDUCTION OF THE SAINTS (Living Pure in a World of Deception), 2009; Elijah Books
    THE SECRET OF THE LORD (The Hidden Truth That Defines Your Destiny), 2011; Elijah Books
    KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, 2013; Elijah Books
    SAVE AMERICA Ministries, 1993. Recipient of Valley Forge Freedom Foundation Award for significant contribution to the cause of Faith and Freedom
    VIEWPOINT – “Confronting the Issues of America’s Heart and Home”. (1995-Present)
    THE RICHMOND CONNECTION – “Connecting our hearts to God’s heart for Richmond renewal and National revival.” (2003 – Present)