“We will have either

                     In 5 to 10 years."
                ~ George Barna
                  Researcher to the Church (1996)


Why do you believe this?

Where does America’s hope lie?

What produces spiritual revival?

Who must repent?

Where does judgment begin?

Who must be willing to commit resources?

When will it be too late?

Will you be a part of God’s advance team to SAVE AMERICA?


Extraordinary Times Call For Extraordinary Means

Renewing the Soul of America


Dear Concerned American Christian:

The restoration of our moral and spiritual foundations is America’s ONLY hope! If this sounds blunt, then so be it. It is time to tell the truth. SAVE AMERICA Ministries was established for the purpose of bringing to a halt the decadent slide of our nation from its moral and spiritual foundations and to restore and rebuild those foundations. But morals cannot be restored without restoring their spiritual underpinnings. Holiness in the Church House will bring wholeness to the White House.


As Founder of SAVE AMERICA I am committed to and charged with stirring the soul of America. We must renew our minds and thinking as Americans that our hearts might be turned back to truth, integrity, a moral base, and God’s authority. That is, indeed, a tall order. None of us can do it alone. For that reason, I am encouraging you and other Americans of similar mind and heart to join with me as “ambassadors” – carriers of this message in your homes, families, civic groups, churches, work places, and schools…from the Kingdom of God to citizens of a nation in sore distress.


We Americans have become increasingly anesthetized to the erosion of values. The problem has now become severe. There just seems to be no “common sense”, and the reason is that there is no common “consensus.”

Our nation was once known as a “Christian” nation. A Christian consensus prevailed throughout the land. While not everyone was a Christian, there was nearly total acceptance of the principles of the Bible as the foundation for life and society. That consensus has been severed by cultural drift, by historical revisionism, and by spiritual rebellion. Chaos now reigns where Christ once ruled. Now every man does that which is right in his own eyes. Lawlessness prevails.


There are many fine organizations throughout America carrying a message that we need to return to “traditional values.” Their message is, for the most part, focused on “Culture War” issues such as family, abortion, homosexuality, and protection of religious rights, etc. Most of these problems, however, are symptoms of the root problem. SAVE AMERICA, on the other hand, has been formed to speak to the root issue – the need to restore our moral and spiritual foundation. Returning to the authority of the Bible, faith in God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ, is America’s only hope. That will require massive spiritual revival in the Church which will birth attitudes of reconciliation and acts of righteousness. The early colonists cried, “No King but Jesus.” Today we cry, “Any King but Jesus.” Jesus may be Savior, but SELF has become “king.”


We could compare our current dilemma to that of a great earthquake. There is usually only one earthquake, but there are many aftershocks. What we have experienced in our nation is a great earthquake… a “truth” quake. We have lost our love for and foundation of truth. Everyone is doing that which is right in his own eyes. For that reason, we are reaping the consequences throughout our society of numerous “aftershocks” – lack of leadership; lack of direction; family breakdown; abortion; disloyalty; insurgence of gangs as surrogate families; massive personal and national debt; and a soaring crime rate. These are not the primary issues. They are the after shocks.


SAVE AMERICA is a catalyst in drawing together the efforts of our families, our churches, and the other fine organizations that are speaking to the “aftershock” problems so that we can present a unified front to restore our moral and spiritual base. It can be done. The question is, “How can it be done?”

The first step is to recognize the true problem or disease. It is moral decay and spiritual drift. A Lordship “crisis” in the church has produced an authority crisis in the nation. The secular and humanist mind-set has so infiltrated our society that it has gained a stronghold even in our churches – the “lighthouse” of our society. We must renew the mind of America in our churches and in our own individual spiritual lives. Our hearts will then turn that we might again be eligible to receive the blessings God has for those who will follow and obey Him. God states in His Word, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This is also true of a nation. As a nation thinks in its heart, so is it. If we are to be transformed as a nation, our minds must be renewed. Changed minds lead to changed hearts. America will not change until the hearts of We the People change.


Talk radio is the premier tool of our time for effectively communicating ideas. It is at the heart of the SAVE AMERICA effort. It enables the message to be “massaged” frequently and cost effectively on traditional stations and the Internet. It enables us to penetrate the heart and mind of America, renewing a moral and spiritual viewpoint that will restore national vision and purpose. It enables us to lay the foundations for revival, beginning with the “house of God.” Before we can clean up the White House, God must clean up the Church House. For that reason, the air waves must be redeemed to bring revival and repentance to those who profess the name of the Lord. Our VIEWPOINT broadcast has been delivered daily for fourteen years, but now must expand due to increasingly urgent times both nationally and internationally. Time is running out as we race toward history’s final hour.


We must disclose our solidarity in a call for spiritual revival. We must cooperate with God’s grief in the Church House before He can deal with our grief in the White House or School House. We must speak! Political correctness is “out” – truth is “in”. We can no longer be intimidated to silence! We must stand shoulder to shoulder in public acknowledgment of our commitment to restore righteousness in our land beginning at the house of God. We must become agents of personal and national healing and ambassadors of righteousness. Air time must be sacrificially released, funded, and placed on the altar as a sacred trust for the delivery of heart-rending truth without expectation of financial return.


America’s divine destiny was to disciple the nations. SAVE AMERICA Ministries is discipling the nation for destiny. We are “preparing the way of the Lord” for history’s final hour. Without holiness the nation will have no wholeness to fulfill her destiny, and “without holiness, no man shall see the Lord.”


The message SAVE AMERICA brings at this moment in our nation’s history is critical. It is a prophetic message of hope but also of warning. We have been given a brief window of opportunity to repent…to submit to God and His ways as the foundation for our lives both individually and as a nation. There has never been a more critical hour in our nation. If we fail to act NOW, there will not be another opportunity! Renewing the Soul of America is our most urgent need.


Remember, America’s destiny is in your hands and mine. This is the moment of truth. It is the hour of decision. The opportunity and challenge is great, but the time is short! Without you it cannot happen…but…Together, in cooperation with God’s Spirit and in conformity to His conditions, God, by His grace, may yet Preserve Us A Nation to accomplish His purposes. Can America count on you? Can God? Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Yours for a Revived Church
A Restored Nation,
and a Prepared Bride,


“I am only one, but I am one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
What I can do, I should do, and by the grace of God, I will do.”
~Everett Hale