With Attorney and Author CHUCK CRISMIER


Our Vision


America’s massive moral crisis reveals a nation strong on evangelism but weak on discipleship…92% believe in God, yet 91% lie regularly. Jesus commanded, “Go…make disciples…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”


Pollster George Barna declared, “Within 5-10 years we will have either anarchy or revival.” God said, “If My people…will turn from their wicked ways…I will heal their land.” Spiritual revival is America’s only hope. Revival requires repentance followed by righteous living. Repentance in the “Church House” is the best hope for righteousness in the White House.


This is the Information Age. We are obese with information. The Scriptures warn that the last days will find men “ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.” God never advised us to be informed but rather to be transformed. Information must be sorted, sifted, and selected to facilitate personal and national transformation.


The great tributaries of history are converging -surging toward the promised Second Coming of Christ. But the Church is not ready. We are blemished and tarnished with SELF-ishness and disobedience. The Scriptures warn that Christ will not come back for a Church “with spot, wrinkle, or any such thing.” VIEWPOINT is a VOICE to prepare the way of the Lord for history’s final hour.


What Makes Viewpoint Different?

  • We are Confronting current issues with eternal perspective.
  • We are moving “from information to transformation…from rhetoric to righteousness…from finger pointing to personal responsibility.
  • We are not labelers. Labels have become “libels.” They increasingly paralyze legitimate communication. We avoid them.
  • We are committed to restore the authority of the Scriptures in every aspect of life. It is not talk but truth that will restore the foundations of faith and freedom.
  • We are first Christian. God did not call us to be conservative but Christian. We will call it by “The Book,” not by “politically correct” rhetoric defined by any label.
  • We are confronting issues, not people. We speak the truth in love. Attitudes are as important as issues.
  • We are committed to turning over the rotting logs and mossy rocks that hide our personal and national sins. We are confronting the deepest issues of America’s heart and home.
  • We are solution oriented. We provide tough talk that will transform in troubled times. We provide hope and healing for America’s broken heart and home.



              A VOICE to the Church

                        Declaring VISION for the Nation