Risking Relationship, for Revival and Reconciliation


Restoring 1st Century Christianity for the 21st Century
A Plan for Pastors and Their Wives

A Simple Plan

Pastors and their wives (4 to 6 pastors and wives) gather in a pastor’s “cell” group for 12 months – at least once per month – moving “from house to house.”

After 12 months, the group divides into separate groups of 2 pastors each and their wives. Each pastor invites at least one or two other pastors and their wives to join them at the next gathering, following the basic pattern for relational ministry. At this stage, there should be at least 4-6 such groups with 8-14 pastors/wives each.

After 12 months, the same pattern repeats again.

At the end of the first 12-18 months, a weekend fellowship retreat will be scheduled involving all those who have participated.

Please Note: Pastor’s wives value this relational time together as much or more than their husbands.


Preparing a City


Covenant Community

The Purpose:

To build covenant relationship between pastors preparing and revealing a Covenant Community of believers ready for the move of God to save, heal and reconcile cities throughout America and the world.

The Place:

Pastors’ homes

The People:

Pastors and those involved in para-church or evangelistic ministry, and their wives

The Plan:

Gather in homes not less than monthly in groups of four to six pastors and their wives for breaking of bread together, encouragement, exhortation and personal prayer.

The Principles:

  • God’s power is revealed and released when His people come together in one accord. Acts 2:1
  • We can walk together with the Lord and one another only when our hearts are in agreement as revealed by our relationship with one another. Amos 3:3.
  • The hallmark of the early church was, “Behold how they love one another.” John 15:12, I John 4L7-8.
  • Our eyes, minds and hearts are opened to the Lord and to one another as we break bread together. Luke 24:30-35.
  • The fellowship of believers is centered in the “temple” for teaching and corporate worship, and for celebration of the work of the ministry taking place “from house to house” where believers gather for prayer, fellowship, exhortation, discipleship and outreach. Acts 2:45-47.
  • It is essential to all ministry that we give ourselves to hospitality. I Timothy 3:2.
  • We cannot effectively lead the flock until we ourselves are revealing God’s truth in relationship. John 1:14, I Peter 5:1-5.


Pastoral Guidelines to Facilitate

Pastoral Relationship


Facilitating Relational Ministry

  1. Encourage pastors to dress casually – no ties or clerical collars – preferably sweaters rather than coats.
  2. Encourage intentional inclusion of pastors of differing race and denomination in each gathering.
  3. Encourage use of round tables whenever possible.
  4. Encourage groups to a more relaxed, comfortable setting after eating, if at all possible.
  5. Encourage contact between group gatherings – phone, lunch, handwritten notes, etc.

Conducting Relational Ministry

  1. Encourage relationship by showing what is happening in the lives of those present. The leader should preferably call people by name.
  2. Encourage a designated member of the group to lead in prayer for specific needs or situations, and especially in areas of their own need.
  3. Encourage transparency and vulnerability by being transparent and vulnerable.
  4. Encourage exercise of gifts – BUT – in love and in gracious recognition that not all share your experience, exuberance, or readiness.
  5. Encourage informal praise and worship in song.
  6. Encourage active involvement by everyone.
  7. Encourage ministry of and around the Word by emphasizing the “doing” of the Word in the relationship of the group rather than extended teaching or telling about the Word.

Frustrating Relational Ministry (Avoid the Traps that Trip)

  1. Allowing one or two personalities to dominate.
  2. Allowing details involving others not present to be discussed and displayed, in the name of prayer, when they are really “gospel” gossip.
  3. Allowing breaches of confidence – either from within the group or from without.
  4. Allowing “puffing” about one’s ministry.
  5. Allowing “religion” to prevail over “relationship.”
  6. Allowing unnecessary vocal display of gifts – especially tongues – in a group setting. Remember Paul’s admonition in I Corinthians 13:1…”Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not love..,.”
  7. Allowing cliques of familiar faces.
  8. Allowing discussion of theology and theological differences.
  9. Allowing group to exceed 12 people.
  10. Allowing form to frustrate deep fellowship.

God is working His Spirit of Hospitality in us and through us…

To Reconcile men to God

To Reconcile us to one another

Hospitality is reaching to “strangers”…even pastors of other races and denominations. Let’s go for it! Let’s build a Covenant Community in every American city that will reveal the glory of God to a broken nation.


© Charles Crismier III

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