“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture
is of any private interpretation.” ~II Pet. 1:20


Human nature virtually compel man to attempt figuring out the mysteries shrouded in Biblical symbolism. For this reason, Biblical symbolism of the books of Daniel and Revelation often take preeminence in attention over the clear words of Jesus and the apostles as well as other prophets.

Many, in good faith, develop various theological systems in an effort to organize, correlate and explain end-time prophecy. When passages do not seem to fit these systems, they are either ignored or complex rationalizations are constructed to either construe a passage to say what it does not appear to say in order to force it to fit the system, or to justify why a different “spin” is chosen for its interpretation.

So strongly have many embraced these systems that they would almost rather die arguing their system than for Christ. We must remember… there is only ONE truth. Jesus is THE Truth. He alone knows the whole truth, and we must seek Him FIRST, His kingdom and His righteousness, trusting Him to timely and progressively reveal His truth and testimony… the true “spirit of prophecy.”


Consider these guidelines for evaluation and forming of conclusions regarding end-time prophecy.

  1. That which appears clear on its face must be accepted, but only in composite with all other scriptures seemingly clear on their face, to present the fulness of the tapestry of truth.
  2. No passage must be allowed to stand alone as “truth” if one or more other passages indicate something contrary or corollary.
  3. Symbolism must be interpreted in light of all passages seemingly clear on their face.
  4. Theological tools of context, linguistics, exegesis, isogesis, etc., can be helpful but are frequently used manipulatively to bolster preconceived notions.
  5. All evaluation must be done with a profound sense of humility and integrity, since there is, in fact, only one truth. Opinions, theories and theological constructs must be identified and admitted as such. There is only ONE truth.
  6. Finally, let us put our principal focus on clear teaching that prepares people for the end of the age rather than on symbolism and sensationalism that gratifies the flesh, that tends to prideful attitudes of greater knowledge, but does little to build our faith. Prophecy, properly presented, must lead to searching of one’s heart, repentance, renewed righteous living and holiness.
  7. Remember – “Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord” (Heb. 12:14).



  • He will show you things to come.
  • He will reprove the world of sin.
  • He will reprove the world of righteousness.
  • He will reprove the world of judgment.
  • He will guide into all truth.
  • He will testify of Jesus.

    (John 15:26, 16:3-13)

WARNING! The Holy Spirit will never reveal “truth” to you that disagrees, in whole or in part, with the written Word of God