Letters to the “Editor”

RE: Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Thanks so much for your uncompromising stand regarding remarriage = unrepentant adultery. It is a clarion call for the church, pastors and society to awake to this damnable sin. I pray that confession and repentance will follow for those who are caught up in this deception.

My wife left our home in 2001 after nearly twenty years of marriage. I praise God that she has not remarried as yet. I can’t tell you how often I have been encouraged to “get on with my life” (and pursue another relationship) by well meaning Christians. Well meaning, Biblically blind people, pointing me towards the flames of Hell.

Yours in Christ,


Thanks so much Chuck for your truthful stand on divorce and remarriage. I keep praying for pastors to preach the truth and repentance on this issue.


I am growing closer to Christ through your solid messages. I am striving to be faithful even though my wife left me. Keep it up and don’t ever compromise your principles (I know you won’t). I am a Christian doctor.

Thank You,


“I’ve been trying to find answers to have a perfect understanding on the issue of remarriage and adultery and the interpretation of Matthew 19:9. I don’t believe Christians can live in willful sin and at the same time be saved.”


“I really enjoyed your broadcast with Stephen Wilcox on ‘Divorce and Remarriage.’ I have just repented of a marriage that God calls adulterous. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if we marry a person with previous spouses living that we enter into a state of adultery. This state must be repented of and forsaken to receive forgiveness. I have a web page with my testimony: http://www.cadz.net/remarriage.html. Thanks so much.


I also want to thank you for your uncompromising stance on the divorce/remarriage issue. Truly, sanctioned adultery (remarriage while a covenant spouse is still living) is by far the worst problem existing today WITHIN the church. The Godly picture of “family” is degrading as each day goes by and many in the church are remaining silent in the guise of “grace and love.” I pray that through your ministry and others of like minds/hearts, many would be equipped with the Word of God and thereby be loosed from the bondage of sin they are unknowingly partaking of. Thank you so much!!!

Blessings in Jesus,

~Cindy W